Sometimes you need

more than just

a card...

A Scent a smile ® greeting card surprises you with an exciting fragrance and visual. It brings your message in a refreshing way. It speaks to your emotion, makes you want to hold on to it and hug the one who sent you this creative, curious card. Scent a smile® and make the world a happier place!

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*Watch this! and find out what scent a smile is all about.

What do you Smell?

Our collection consist of a wide range of original scents… so what did you smell? check out our collection and find out which of the eight scents your nose came in contact with!

And also, share it with your friends, so everyone can enjoy these special scents

Surprise the nose!

Our Collection

sweet cake

S(c)ent fat Joe some support. If he can’t eat the cake... It really does smell like delicious rainbow cake!


Tell your stalker to give it a rest... or wish your aunt Rudy a pleasurable bike trip to Lake Winnipesaukee.

heavenly honey

Wrap true love around your finger! Some heavenly honey just might do the trick!


Making your nanna dream again! With the scent of dark chocolate and some brown sugar.


Wrap true love around your finger! Some sandalwood just might do the trick!

soft cotton

Make an entrance at Christmas. Soft cotton warms even the coldest of hearts!

baby powder

A brand new start! This sweet and lovely baby scent will definitely create some beautiful memories.

fresh flowers

Make Jerry feel good about himself! Let him smell the roses! And other freshly picked flowers.

Scent a smile

Hello Love!

This box contains

8 surprising scents
8 fabulous greeting cards
A great sense of humour 🙂

Surprise that special person with a personal message in a scentsational way! Every card in this box has its own special scent!

Support us

We want to give a card that extra and fun dimension; the scentsation! All we need is some support. so lets Scent a smile ® and make the world a happier place!

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Scent a smile

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